Simple Christmas Gnome: The Cutest Holiday DIY You’ll Ever Make


Let's make it together / YouTube


Halloween is over, meaning it’s basically Christmas. I don’t know many people who decorate separately for Thanksgiving, so why not get everything ready for Christmas now?

One way you could start with the decorations is to sew up this adorable little Christmas gnome! He looks a little bit like Santa, and will look super cute anywhere in your house.


What I love the most about this little dude is his versatility: with some fabric changes, you can make this gnome look however you want him to, and he can look great with any decor!

The best part of all of this is how easy it is to stitch up! There’s a free pattern to make the gnome, so it makes it even easier! You can access that by clicking here. 

Don’t be scared that the pattern isn’t English: the entire step by step process is outlined in the video below!

This little gnome is the cutest piece of Christmas decor I own now, and I made it myself! Friends have already been asking me where I got it and if I could make some for them.

If you want to give this DIY gnome a try, watch Let’s make it together’s video below and make it yourself!

Good luck!


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