Sewing Up Copies Of Your Clothes By Using Them As Patterns


withwendy / YouTube


Anything You Want Is Yours…

Have you ever loved an article of clothing so much that you wished you could have one in every color, one with sleeves, one just a little longer, or a ton of the same thing? We’ve got a solution.


Use your clothes to create a pattern… then you can make copies! Any piece of clothing you already own can be used to make whatever you want, and Wendy from withwendy shows you how.

What’s so great about this method is whatever you make is guaranteed to fit you. It doesn’t matter what is is you’re making… it will fit!

All that’s needed to get the perfect pattern is tracing. Trace your clothing with a dotted line about 1/2″ larger than your piece of clothing.

Connect them all in order to create the perfect pattern. You’ll also be doing sleeves, arm holes, neck holes, and so on. Wendy has a ton of easy methods for doing that in the video below.

You’ll want to make a different piece of pattern for each piece of the garment. Remember that sleeves, collars, each leg, the front and back, and so on, will all have different pieces.

You can also alter the pattern however you see fit: lengthen or shorten the legs and arms, add a collar, and so on. It’s all up to you!

Watch Wendy’s video below to get a better idea of how this is done. It’s too easy!