This Watermelon Print Apron Just Screams “Summer”


Sew Very Easy / YouTube


Doesn’t watermelon come to mind when you think of the summertime? That is a one of my fondest memories of my childhood in the summer.

My family used to sit around outside in the evening, and eat watermelon or homemade ice cream. This apron is such a fun item and just screams “summer,” just like a juicy watermelon!


If you don’t have one of these, it’s a great time to make one before summer comes around again!

Try other fruity prints you can find at the fabric store: lemons, pineapples, coconuts or whatever your heart desires! Any other print is welcome as well, but my personal favorite has to be the watermelon.

You’ll want to make one of these when you see how easy and cute it is, plus it’s reversible so you can get more than one wear out of it before washing it.

You can gather this apron as much as you’d like, as little or not at all. The way Laura makes this apron allows it to fit high on your waist so it protects more of your clothing.

There’s a hidden surprise that is super handy– there are really deep pockets on each side of the apron! This is really convenient for putting things in while you’re cooking.

You can put your cell phone in there so it’s easily accessible, your spatula, spices, or anything else you may need while you’re cooking!

Watch how Laura Coia with Sew Very Easy makes this darling watermelon apron so you can make one for yourself. They also make some great gifts for your friends!

Let us know how yours turns out, and enjoy your aprons!