Sewing Hacks Every Stitching Fanatic Needs To Know


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Hacks That Will Save A Sewer’s Life

When it comes to sewing, there’s a strong tradition of putting a lot of love and effort into everything you sew. Even with all that love, sewing fanatics still want projects to be as simple as possible.

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That’s where 5-Minute Crafts comes in. They’ve come up with a large array of sewing hacks that make all of those projects a whole lot easier.

You can watch the full video below, but we’ve compiled 5 of our favorite hacks from the video so you can get started using them and see how amazing they truly are.

Incredibly Useful Hacks

The Dress Form

I love this hack because anything you sew is going to be a perfect fit! Just use some cling wrap and some duct tape to create it. For more in-depth instructions, click here!

Knitting Needle Corks

Ever had your project slip off your needles while knitting? Ugh, I can’t stand that. There’s a simple solution everyone should know: place wine corks on the non-pointy end of the needles!

It can’t slip off that way… simple!

Fork Pom Pom

Wrap some yarn around a fork, tie it off, cut it up, and it’s a pom pom! I also like making flowers with forks. You can learn how to do that by clicking here.

Extra Secure Button Sewing

Before you sew your button, sew a small x shape where you want to place the button. Then, sew the x-shape through the button, and wrap the thread around the underside of the button.

Once you tie it off, this thing could survive a hurricane!

Binder Clip Yarn

Use a binder clip to thread through your yarn. Place the yarn in a bowl, clip the binder clip on, and your yarn won’t go anywhere or be unraveled!


For more genius hacks, watch 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY‘s video below! Good luck and happy stitching!


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