Video Tutorial Teaches How To Sew Up A Maxi Skirt In 5 Minutes


Victoria Phipps / Getty Images, MeeshaTV / YouTube


I think a maxi skirt is a perfect staple in your closet. I’ve worn one during the summer, fall, winter, and spring. It doesn’t matter the season. It always works.

So when I found a tutorial for a maxi skirt you could make in 5 minutes, I just about screamed.


Making this skirt was incredibly simple, and was done in no time. I feel like whenever I’m in the mood to sew something but don’t have a lot of time, this is the perfect project.

Depending on your height and whether you’d like the skirt high-waisted or at your waist, the skirt can range in length. For example, if you’re tall, you’d want to go for 48″ for low waisted and 52″ for high.

If you’re shorter, Meesha breaks down her measurements in the tutorial below.

Measure an elastic the size of your waist or hips, depending on where you want the skirt to lay, and add an inch for seam allowance.

Fold the fabric in half, right sides together. Along the side opposite of the fold, sew it together. Fold one of the openings and hem it to create the bottom of the skirt.

Fold in your elastic on the opposite side with a safety pin, as she shows in the video below. Gather the fabric and sew together your elastic, then sew the elastic in place by folding a bit of fabric around it.

That’s it! You can wash and press the skirt, and it’s all ready to wear!

What are you going to wear yours with?