Sew Up A Hanging Chair To Save Money Without Sacrificing Style


Kids Cooking and Crafts / YouTube


Hanging Chair

After a long day, whether you’re in school or are working, there’s nothing quite like coming home and curling up on a super comfy chair. 


Instead of spending a ton of money on an arm chair, you can get something a whole lot cheaper by making it. Not only is it cheaper, it’s a whole lot cooler… the chair hangs from the ceiling!

That’s right, a hanging chair for cheap. These usually go for a decent chunk of change online, but making them is really easy, and the end result is stunning.

YouTube channel Kids Cooking and Crafts shows us how this is done in their video tutorial. Wanna learn how to do this yourself? Let’s get started!

Making The Chair

To make this chair, you’ll need some rope, a dowel strong enough to anchor the chair and have the rope go through, something to anchor it to the ceiling, and of course, a piece of fabric for the chair itself.

You’ll also need a sewing machine to sew up the fabric. Use the sewing machine to sew a tunnel around the fabric for the rope to go in.

Then, you’ll loop the rope through the opening, having the ends come out of both sides. Thread those ends through the holes in your dowel and tie knots on both ends to secure it.

Then, at the top of the rope, you’ll want to make a loop to help with the ceiling anchor. Install that in the ceiling, hang up the chair, and decorate how you see fit.

That’s it, you’re done!

For a more in-depth tutorial, watch Kids Cooking and Crafts video below. Then you can get started on your own.

Good luck!