Sew An Easy Lotus Blossom Quilt To Get Ready For Spring


Jordan Fabrics / YouTube


The Perfect Spring Quilt

It may still be winter, but spring is on it’s way. If you wanna take your mind off this crazy cold front for a little bit, you should start sewing up the perfect spring number ASAP!


This lotus blossom may be the quilt for you. It’s bright, colorful, and super simple to make. So with that, let’s get started!

Blooming The Lotus

To make this beauty, you’ll be using primarily 2.5″ strips. This will help create the blossom pattern, and you can even buy a jelly roll to make it easier for you!

You’ll also need an accent fabric, like the purple Donna uses in her tutorial. Then, you’ll need a background fabric. Depending on how bright your other fabrics are, you may want to go with a neutral.

Donna uses a white fabric for her neutral, but a black or gray will work just as well if you decide you want a super bright lotus. Adjust the amount of fabric for the size quilt you’d like, as Donna shows.

For your background and accent fabric, Donna suggests pressing your fabrics so your your cuts are as accurate as possible. For the sizes you’ll need, you can get the written pattern by clicking here!

A lot of what you’re stitching up is going to be made from half square triangles, making this a super easy quilt to make. That, and the colorful finished product is something you’ll definitely want to show off.

With that said, watch Donna’s video below for more step-by-step instructions, and don’t forget to grab the pattern by clicking here. Happy Quilting!