Secret Drawer Turns Rustic Coffee Table Into Genius Storage Solution


Wood Nerds / YouTube


Coffee Table Storage

If you don’t live in an enormous house, storage is everything. You want your place to look clean and stylish, but you don’t want to shell out money on a storage unit.


I’ve found a solution in the form of what furniture you choose. Since I live in a pretty small apartment, I’ve figured out that buying or making furniture with storage keeps your apartment looking clean.

One of the best places to hide storage? Your coffee table! Recently I stumbled upon this gorgeously rustic coffee table, and it comes with an awesome storage drawer.

The best part? It’s a DIY, so you can make it yourself with cheap materials and save a ton of money while you’re upping your storage game! What could be better than that?

How It’s Done

YouTuber Wood Nerds builds this table from scratch in his easy-to-follow video tutorial. Before you get started on following that tutorial, though, you’ll need to gather your cuts of wood.

These are the pieces of wood you’ll need:

Top: 4-2×8 @ 48″(ripped on a table saw to fit perfectly)

Base: 4-1×4 @ 23″(2 for attaching top to base) 2-1×2″ @ 23″ 2-1×1 @ 23″(Bottom shelf support) 8-1×4 @ 44″(6 for bottom shelf) 2-1×2″ @ 44″ 8-1×4 @ 17″

Drawer: 2-1×4 @ 35.5″ 2-1×4 @ 17.5″ 2-1×4 @ 19″(Slotted for piston tolerance) (cut drawer dividers to personal preference) 1-1/8″ thick plywood sheet @ 35.5″x19″

Along with the wood, you’ll need quite a few tools (duh), and some additional materials to put the table together. Grab your tool kit and check out the video below to see what tools you’ll still need.

Now for the other materials. You’ll need sliders, pistons, wood pre-stain, wood stains of your choice, latches, butt hinges, pluck foam, and wood glue. 


You’ve got your supplies, so it’s time to make your table. Watch the video below for a step-by-step guide on how to get that done. Then you can use it to store whatever you want!

Good luck and have fun!