DIY Halloween Ghouls Made From Plastic Bags


CJGfarm / YouTube


Decorating for Halloween is one of my favorite things to do. You get to take your house and turn it into something horrific for a little while.

Fake blood, spider webs, bubbling cauldrons? Not usual home decor, sure, but it’s the best kind of home decor.


During Halloween though, it is regular Halloween decor, and so are fake ghosts! Nope, I’m not talking about little sheets with holes in them, but ones that are much more realistic.

With some stuff you have around the house already, you can make ghosts that almost look real! Here’s how.

Things you’ll need:

  • Wig head (or a big doll head… some fake head in the size of a human head, basically)
  • Body form (or any fake body the size of a human body)
  • Clear plastic trash bags
  • Clear nylon fishing line
  • Clear packing tape
  • Clear Scotch tape

First, put one of your trash bags over your head form. Rubber band at the bottom to secure, leaving a bit of slack around the head.

Use the scotch tape to define key areas like the neck, eyes, nose, and mouth. Use packing tape to wrap around the head and smooth down, until you’ve covered the whole form.

For the body, use a trash bag over the form like you did with the head. Use packing tape all around the body to form the full body.

Do multiple layers of tape for both the head and the body, going both up and down and side to side. Once you’re done, slice the tape off the molds with an exacto knife.

Tape the head back together carefully, making sure to keep the shape as much as you can. Insert the head into the body and tape the body shut.

Tape another trash bag to the bottom to trail off the ghost, and poke a hole in the top, securing your fishing line for hanging. Once you do that, you’re done!

Check out Monster Tutorials‘ video below for details, and give it a shot yourself!