Scandinavian Christmas Tree Stars


It's Sew Simple / YouTube


A Star On Top

A Christmas tree is never complete without a star on top, and the Scandinavian tree star is probably one of the most beautiful that there is.


Especially if you make them into easy ornaments! It’s Sew Simple uploaded a tutorial for sewing up these little stars, and they’re beyond easy. 

You can use these little stars as ornaments, make them into coasters, and so much more. I love how versatile they are, and with the right fabrics, they’re perfect for any holiday.

How It’s Done

It all begins with narrow strips of fabric, folded from larger strips. You’ll need 4 of these total, and they’ll need to be identical in size and shape.

You’ll then fold them up on themselves, not quite in half but about 3/4 of the way up. Then you’ll use those loops to intertwine them together into a square-like structure.

You’ll continue folding like she shows you below, then create a cross out of it. From the cross, you’ll make the star by folding them in.

When you fold them in, you’ll create little triangles then tuck them into the center of the cross. Stitch that up, create a loop if you plan on making this into an ornament, and you’re done!

Watch It’s Sew Simple‘s video below and you can stitch up your own!