Tiny Farmhouse Cabin Has Amenities Galore


Lovely Tiny House / YouTube


The Ultimate Tiny House

There’s nothing more cozy and homey looking to me than a tiny house. They’re just so cute, and they look like so much fun to build. I’ve always wanted to build my own!


I like the look of a rustic tiny house. Not only are they just as cute as bigger rustic properties, but they’re so creative. You have to find a great way to make use of that little space.

I stumbled upon a video of this tiny property recently. It’s called The Little Red Hen Cabin, and it really does give you a chicken coop, farmhouse vibe.

A Ton Of Features

This little guy is located in Waco, Texas, and is paneled inside and out with 100-year-old barn wood. It’s like a cabin from another century!

The house features hammered coppered sinks, light fixtures, a handmade rocking chair and a bedroom accessed by a steep ship’s-ladder style stairway. All of the walls are made from rustic wood.

Along with this, there’s WiFi, A/C, and a TV. Even a tiny house this country can be luxurious, too! The best part about all of this is that you can stay in this little country cabin if you want– it’s rentable!

If you want to stay in this adorable little house yourself, click here to check out its Air BnB page. This definitely has given me some inspiration to make my own tiny house someday!

For a virtual tour, watch the video down below!