Repurpose An Old Zipper Into A Bracelet


Show Me Cute / YouTube


I love making my own jewelry. Not only does it look adorable on, but it’s entirely customized and your own. I especially love when the jewelry I make is unique or unexpected.

That’s why when I saw a tutorial for making a bracelet out of a zipper, I knew I had to try it. How cute is this?


My favorite thing about this project is the fact that you can use any zipper to do this. If you have a ragged old pair of jeans that you wanted to throw away, salvage the zipper for this!

First, cut the binding and excess zipper off. Use a lighter to singe the edges of where you cut so it doesn’t fray. Be careful when you do this.

Take a type of crimping bead (it creates an end and a clasp for the bracelet) and press it on to the end of the zipper with pliers. Get it tightly on there. Open an O-ring and place it on that bead.

Put a jewelry clasp and any charms you’d like on the O-ring. Close the O-ring, then fasten the clasp on to the zipper to hold it in place on your wrist!

That’s it, you’re done!

What colors and charms will you use for yours?