Recycled Wine Cork Trivet Gives Any Countertop Some Rustic Style


Midwest Workshop & Garden / YouTube


Wine Cork Trivet

I drink a lot of wine. Whether I have a glass with dinner after a long day or I share a few bottles with a big group of friends on the weekend, I can’t get enough.


Since I go through so much wine, I’ve ended up collecting quite a few wine corks over the years. Instead of throwing away those corks, I’ve looked up a ton of crafts that let me reuse them! 

This may be my favorite craft to use those old wine corks. It’s an easy-to-make wine cork trivet, and not only does it let you get rid of things that would otherwise be trash, but it’s super useful, too.

The DIY wine trivet looks rustic and classy on any countertop or coffee table, keeps the heat off of that surface, and is super cheap and easy to make. What could be better than that?

Midwest Workshop & Garden on YouTube shows everyone how it’s done in their video tutorial. Before anything, you’ll need to grab some supplies, including:

  • wood to frame the corks and hold the corks
  • plenty of wine corks
  • hot glue
  • tools to get the wood and the frame in order

Use hot glue to lay out your corks on a piece of wood. Once you get it to the shape and size you’d like, trim the wood with a saw if necessary.

From here, you can frame the corks with additional pieces of wood. Sand that down as needed, and your trivet is done. Use it as a giant coaster, or to hold hot pots of food when guests are over.

The possibilities with this thing are endless, but no matter what you do with it, I think we can all agree that they’re too cute!

Have fun making it and enjoy using it!

Stacy Dotson / Facebook