Quick & Easy 3D Table Runner Makes Your Dinner Table The Center Of Attention


Jordan Fabrics / YouTube


Table runners make a massive difference to any dinner. They instantly give any dinner table a personalized touch and a little bit of class. What could be better than that?

Not only is your table decorated for any big event, but they make a great area for hot food you don’t want to touch your table. It’s like a giant coaster for your food!


Jordan Fabrics is at it again with another tutorial. This time, Donna makes a table runner with a 3D effect to it. Any color combination will work for this, and it’s super easy to make!

You will need to pick out a background fabric and 52 squares of fabric at 5″ each. You can pick out multiple fabrics for this.

Make sure that the squares you pick won’t blend in too much with your background fabric. You’ll want there to be enough of a contrast that the 3D effect shows up well.

Iron all of the squares in half by folding it on its diagonal. Cut 1 1/8 yards of the background fabric. Press this as well, and follow the cuts that Donna describes.

Pin the folded squares to one of the pieces you just cut, making four triangles on all sides of the square background piece. Baste these, then pin and sew.

Watch Donna’s tutorial below to finish up this table runner. What fabrics will you use to make this your own?