Puppy Halloween Costumes That Will Overload Your System With Cuteness


LaurDIY / YouTube


Dogs deserve Halloween costumes just as much as people do. They look adorable in them and with the cold weather, some of them can even be super comfy for your pup!

I came across four ideas by LaurDIY that are perfect for this year. Give one a shot and marvel in how cute your dog looks!



All you need is a long piece of green felt, some velcro, some orange felt, some white paint, some hot glue and some stuffing. Glue a pillow shape with the orange felt, leaving one end open to stuff.

Stuff it, glue shut, then paint little white arrows on it to make the sashimi. Place this pillow on your pup. Wrap your “seaweed” around them, velcro it in place, and boom! He’s a piece of sushi.


For this, you’ve cut out some fur (in whatever color you like,) to fit your pup’s back. You’d want to round off the edge near their head to mimic a mane.

Then you’ll want to glue on a unicorn horn on the mane, add some velcro to make putting on the costume easy, and you’re done!

Beanie Baby

This one is by far the easiest. All you do is fold a piece of red paper in half, Cut out the “ty” on white paper, glue it on, and you’ve got your tag. Use a hole punch to put yarn on the tag.

Add it to your pet’s collar, and you have the easiest costume ever!


This one is almost as easy as the Beanie Baby costume. Just get a black sweater for your pup, then draw some bones on it with white paint to form a skeleton.

That’s it!


Which dog costume is your favorite?