Pumpkin Patch Free Motion Quilting Makes Any Fall-Themed Quilt Cuter


Leah Day / YouTube


There are a ton of different quilting patterns you can use on blocks to make the finished product stand out. I love finding free motion patterns that have some sort of theme.

Since fall is coming up, I Googled fall-inspired free motion designs for my next quilt. I found one called the pumpkin patch and I fell in love. It’s too cute and not as hard as it looks!


The design features a ton of little pumpkins hanging on a twisted vine. It looks adorable against the orange fabric that Leah Day uses, but it would look great against any block in my opinion.

She starts by doing some simple vines: move the fabric in small loops and lines. For the pumpkins, start by stitching a circle, followed by ovals on the inside to create the ridges.

Finish by creating a little leaf at the top of the pumpkin, and starting another section of vining from that leaf to look like a stem.

I love this free motion design and I think it would look adorable on my falling leaves quilt that I just finished. 

Watch Leah’s video below to get a better idea of how to do this adorable stitch. It’s perfect for the season!

What kind of quilt would you use this stitching on?