Prepare For The Warmer Weather: Turn Old Jeans Into DIY Lace Cutoffs


Easy DIY Shorts

Winter is on its way out, and spring and summer are on their way in. That means your pants are probably going to be swapped out for shorts.


I don’t know about you, but after wearing a certain pair of jeans for too long, my thighs tend to rub together and wear out the denim in between my legs. It really stinks. Perfect jeans, ruined.

Those jeans don’t have to be thrown away though. Instead, you can take those old jeans and turn them into gorgeous lace cutoffs!

Transforming these jeans is super simple. Just grab your jeans, and let’s get cutting.

Making The Shorts

First thing’s first: cut the shorts to the length that you’d like, with a little extra to be safe. From here, use some fabric chalk to draw a triangle on each side seam.

Cut out those little triangles, then flip the shorts inside out and add your lace. You can do this using some simple fabric glue, or you can sew it in if you prefer.

Allow the fabric glue to dry completely, and you’re all ready to wear them! No matter where and how you wear them, you’re sure to look adorable and stay cool in the warm weather!