Pillows Made With Only 1 Yard Of Fabric Prove That Less Is More


Jordan Fabrics / YouTube


Simple pillows are necessary in every home. Whether you need some to match your couch, your bedding, or a quilt you just made, it’s a great way to tie your home together.

Luckily, making these pillows is beyond easy. All you need is one yard of fabric for these, and it’s like they appear out of thin air!


Take one yard of the fabric of your choice and iron it as flat as possible. Cut one 17″ square out of that fabric.

Use tailor’s chalk to mark along the diagonal, and move it up 1″ on one corner and 1.5″ on the other side. Do this all the way down, marking both sides this way.

Pick out your thread and a piece of batting. Place the batting underneath the fabric and sew a 1/4″ all the way around the pillow.

Quilt the pillow top using the lines you drew earlier. You can use the seam allowance to pivot from one line to the next.

For the backing, cut two pieces at 18″ each, using the selvage if you can. Place one piece on top of the pillow top right sides together and fold back about 5 inches, also 5″ from the pillow top’s edge.

Place the other backing piece on top, overlapping on the last piece about 2″. Make sure it’s straight, then pin through all of the layers around the edge.

Stitch just inside the previous stitching all the way around, stitch up any raw edges if needed, and cut any excess bulk in the corners. Then you can flip the pillow inside out!

You can also do a different quilting pattern or none at all! Stuff a pillow inside the case, and you’re done!

Check out Jordan Fabrics‘ tutorial below and give this a shot yourself!

What kind of pillows will you make?