Piece Of Cake “Stars & 4 Patch” Pattern Is Completely Free


Jordan Fabrics / YouTube


Stars & 4 Patch

t’s not a secret that Donna Jordan from Jordan Fabrics has some of the best quilting tutorials on the internet. I adore her quilts, and this Stars & 4 Patches is no different.

If you want to make this gorgeous quilt yourself, you’ll need a background fabric along with a few different solid/patterned fabrics to build the pattern.


Now let’s get started!

Stitching Easy As 1, 2, 3

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, you’ll sew up your blocks. There are 3 blocks that make up this star as a whole. A 4 patch, 4 triangles, and a solid block in the center.

The 4 patch is simply 4 tiny squares stitched together. The 4 triangles are squares cut through the diagonal and then mismatched and sewn together, so the triangles point inward and form a square.

You’ll make 4 of each of these. As for the center block, it takes next to no effort: it’s just a square! Now comes the arrangement.


Place your solid block in the middle. On each side, place one of your 4 triangle blocks, having the background fabric face the square.

One each diagonal corner, place a 4 patch. Once you sew all of these up, you’re all done!

The best part of this pattern, other than how easy it is to make, is that the pattern is 100% free! You can find the full written pattern by clicking here.

Watch Donna stitch this up in her tutorial below, then check out the free pattern so you can make it yourself!