Personalized Quilt Is The Easiest Project You’ll Ever Do


Sew Very Easy / YouTube


Anything You Want

Laura Anna Coia from Sew Very Easy makes some of the best sewing tutorials on YouTube. She explains every step in detail, and it really is “sew very easy” to follow.


This is true especially when it comes to this tutorial, because she teaches you how to create any design you could want in a flash. Just start with basic squares in 2 different colors.

Keep in mind for the best results, you’ll want all of these to be the same size. Stack a few squares on top of each other, alternating colors. From here, it’s time to cut!

Take your rotary cutter and slice it however you’d like. Laura does two pieces, but you can do as many as you’d like. Just keep in mind, the more pieces, the more work.

Now from here, it’s all about piecing the blocks together, and it couldn’t be any easier!

Your Dream Block

Take the pieces and mix and match them back together like Laura does in her video below. Sew those together however you’d like.

From here, trim off the excess fabric to make equal squares again. Arrange the squares however you like them and stitch them together.

With a nice border, some batting and some backing fabric, you’re done! See how simple that was?