Make Perfect Placemats In 15 Minutes


ArtsAndCrafts4you / YouTube


I love sewing things I need around the house, especially if it’s a quick project. With the seasons changing soon, I wanted to change up my dining room decor. I found this project, and I fell in love.

One of the biggest differences you can make in your dining room is changing up the placemats. You can sew each of these in 15 minutes, use any fabric you’d like, and make them completely your own.


First, you start out by taking two pieces of fabric (she used 21″ x 15″ pieces,) and quilting them together with some batting. You can use any stitch or pattern you’d like for this.

Then comes the mitered corners for the border. You’ll want these to be 4.5″ wide and 21″ long for the length of the mat, and 4.5″ wide and 15″ long for the sides of the mat.

Fold each of the pieces of fabric in half, wrong sides together, lengthwise.

Use a 45 degree ruler to cut a triangle off the edge of the folded border pieces. Do this on all sides of all of the pieces.

Watch the video below by ArtsAndCrafts4you to finish up these easy placemats.

How are you going to design yours?