Pebble Free Motion Is A Simple Way To Give Any Quilt Some Personality


Bluprint / YouTube


A New Way To Free Motion

Every once in a while, a basic quilt needs to be brought up to a whole new level. That’s where free motion quilting comes in. 

Most of the time I tend to go with geometric designs, but every so often I opt for more circular designs like these pebbles! If you are more into circular designs, you’ll love stitching these!


These little pebbles are so easy to stitch up. They’re just little circles, so make loops and make whatever design out of them you’d like!

They can line up, be all over the place, or have some other sort of pattern with these little guys. You can really make these pebbles into whatever you’d like them to be!

How It’s Done

When free motion stitching pebbles, it’s really as simple as looping your fabric around over and over in little circles until you’ve created your desired effect.

I like to vary in the sizes of my loops to really create the effect of actual pebbles. It takes a lot less time, too, since I don’t need to worry about uniformity!

Watch bluprint‘s video below to get a good idea of how to get this done perfectly. Once you try it, you’ll be doing this to a ton of quilts!

Good luck!