Paint The Most Beautiful Art Ever Using One Common Kitchen Item


Mixed Media Girl / YouTube


I got so excited about this painting technique that I couldn’t wait to try it out! I just happened on this tutorial and had never seen or done anything like this before.

You can create some of the most unique art pieces for your home and people will think you bought this at an art gallery.


The secret? A colander. Yes, I’m serious.

Whether you want some art for your own walls or a gift for someone else, this is the way to go.

Go to the dollar store and pick up a colander. Then go to the craft store and buy the cheapest and largest bottles of acrylic paints you can get, along with a canvas.

This can be kind of messy so you need to make sure to lay down newspapers or some plastic to make sure the paint doesn’t run over the canvas onto something you don’t want paint on.

Watch how Mixed Media Girl does this cool looking artwork in her step by step tutorial below. You won’t believe what she comes up with.

You can become an artist with just a simple paint pour into a colander. Watch and learn.

What colors are you going to use when you make your own?