One Easy Hack That Turns Your Jack & Coke Into A Slushee


Tipsy Bartender / YouTube


Jack & Coke Slushee

Jack & Coke: a classic cocktail that everyone loves. It’s delicious on its own, but there’s a way to kick it up a notch that’s a million times better than the original.


Turn it into a slushee!

Alcohol doesn’t freeze in the freezer, so is it even possible to make a Jack & Coke slushee? Yep, and there’s one simple hack that makes it possible.

As you can imagine, the ingredients necessary for a Jack & Coke slushee are, well, Jack & Coke. To turn it into a slushee, you’ll need an ice cube tray, a little patience, and this simple trick.

Making The Slushee

Since alcohol doesn’t freeze in the freezer, take your ice cube tray and pour in only the Coke. Freeze the coke, and put the ice cubes in a blender.

Add your Jack Daniels and blend. Watch and you’ll see it becomes a slushee! Pour it into a glass and it’s ready to drink. Top with a cherry for a little extra zing!

This easy cocktail is so much better than a Jack & Coke on the rocks: no ice cubes melting, a ton of flavor, and the nostalgic feeling of drinking a slushee. What could be better than that?

Watch Tipsy Bartender‘s video below to see this recipe in action. Then, you can make it yourself.