One Easy Hack Makes Quilting-As-You-Go A Breeze


Rose Smith / YouTube


Quilt As You Go

When most quilters use the quilt as you go method, they usually leave quilting between the blocks and the rows until the end, then quilting the small sections on a huge, bulky finished product.


Did you know there is a way to do this differently? Don’t complete the quilt, just do it by rows. Sew your blocks together into your rows, then do your quilt as you go, sewing together the rows once you’re done.

How To Do It

You will need to leave 1″ or 2″ not quilted at the top and bottom of the seam. This is so you can sew the seams to join the rows.

Since you can still quilt over most of the seam, it will still give you the uniformity of the quilting design as well as strengthen the seam line. The best part? You’re only working with one row rather than a big quilt!

Quilting Between Rows

You can employ the same method when joining the rows together. First, join two rows and then quilt along the length of that seam line, joining those rows before you add another.

If you want to add a border, leave the first and last rows with a few inches of unquilted material. You need to leave the first and last couple of inches of the rows unquilted if you are planning on adding a border.

For more tips and tricks on how to do this, watch Rose Smith’s video below to get a better idea of how it’s done.

Good luck!