No Salon Trip Needed: How To Give Yourself A Pedicure At Home


abetweene / YouTube


Whether you’re young or old, girl or boy, active or lazy, we’ve all been in the same position. Our feet get gross. It’s human nature.


Dry skin, nasty cuticles, dirty toenails and so much more can happen to our feet. To look a little bit more put together, it’s always a good idea to get a pedicure every so often.

I love going to get pedicures. I feel pampered and clean. Unfortunately, pedicures get insanely expensive. In addition to that, some people don’t want to go and get their feet done in a salon.

The solution? Do you own pedicures from now on! I promise, anyone can do it, and you’ll have to visit the salon a whole lot less often. Keep your feet looking great all in the comfort of your own home.

I found a great DIY pedicure video from abetweene on YouTube, and by adding and omitting steps, you can get the perfect pedicure for you in no time. Here’s how it’s done.

First, get yourself a small tub that you can soak your feet in. In addition to a warm water, add things like apple cider vinegar or epsom salt to break down the dead skin.

There are a ton of other things you can add as well. Oils, herbal teas, or whatever else you’d like can soften the feet and add some extra moisture.

Take a callus remover and start rubbing your feet with it to smooth them out and remove dead skin. The soak you just did should make this a whole lot easier.

File gently until your skin is slightly pink– this means you’ve reached healthy, soft tissue. You don’t want to hurt yourself. Use a coarse grit first, then a fine grit to get rid of the excess skin.

Now push back your cuticles and if you’re comfortable, remove the dead skin by clipping it off.  Once that’s done, cut and file your toenails to the shape you’d like.

Rinse your feet to remove all dust from nails and dead skin that may have accumulated, then you can use a foot scrub or any other exfoliant to soften them up even more. 

Abetweene takes the pedicure a step further by waxing her toes, but this obviously isn’t necessary if this isn’t your style. Moisturize your feet with lotion, body butter, or a balm to hold in moisture.

Then, if you’d like, paint your toenails however you’d like. The basic formula for that is painting on a base coat, letting it dry, then adding 1-3 coats of your color, letting that dry, and finally, adding a top coat.

For some nail design ideas, check out 198 Nails‘ video below!