No Salon Trip Needed: 3 Easy Summer Nail Designs Anyone Can Do


cutepolish / YouTube


I take summer as an opportunity to get my nails looking dramatic and bright. From plain color to crazy patterns, there’s never a better time than summertime to get your nails looking how you want them to.

cutepolish on YouTube is back at it again with a stunning DIY, this time for not 1, not 2, but 3 bright and beautiful summer nail designs that you’re going to love.


Let’s get started learning them, shall we?

Watermelon Nails

cutepolish / YouTube

This adorable watermelon-inspired design is super simple to do. For the inside of the watermelon, paint the nails with a base coat, followed by an opaque layer of red polish, 2-3 coats.

With a toothpick or a nail tool, add dots of black polish to act as watermelon seeds. Once that dries completely, add your top coat and those are done.

As for the rind nails, add a base coat followed by an opaque layer of dark green, 2-3 coats. Once that dries, use a small brush and a light green polish to draw squiggly lines down the nail.

Once that dries, add your top coat and the nails are done!

Neon Color Blocks

cutepolish / YouTube

This may be the easiest nail art design I’ve ever done, hands down. Start by painting a base coat, as you would with any other nail design. Then paint an opaque layer of white, 2-3 coats worth.

Once that dries, take your neon color(s) of choice and paint at an angle the bottom left corner of the nail. Once those are completely dry, add your topcoat of choice, and you’re done!

Adorable Palm Trees

cutepolish / YouTube

Start by painting the thumb, index finger, and pinky a neon color. Paint the middle finger white and the ring finger black. Seal that off with a mattifying top coat.

On the colorful nails, add shiny black triangles on the bottom of the nails. On the white nail, use a small brush or toothpick to paint a black palm tree. On the black nail, add a white palm tree.

Add your top coat to the palm tree nails and you’re done!


Which nails are you going to do?


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