No Digging Required – 3 Steps To A Flower Bed


BetterHomes&Gardens / Twitter


No digging to make a flower bed? It sounds too good to be true, but it’s actually super easy to do. Follow a couple of simple steps, then just wait. A couple of months later, what happens is incredible.

The turf you create will decompose after a few months creating 6-8 inches of topsoil. It’s truly incredible! Better Homes & Gardens has a simple tutorial on how to do it, so here’s how it’s done!

Step 1: Outlining The Garden Bed

Decide where you want to lay out your new planter, and mark the perimeter. There is the option of digging up the top layer of sod, but it’s not necessary. You can build it on top of grass!

On top of your spot of choice, spread corrugated cardboard. Spray the area with a garden hose to saturate it. Now spread your newspaper layer.

To find out how much newspaper you’ll need to use, check out Better Homes & Gardens‘ original article by clicking here.

Step 2: Spread Your Topsoil/Compost

On top of your newspaper, spread a 3- to 6-inch layer of compost. Don’t make your own compost? Not a problem. See if you can find commercially-sourced compost, or just use topsoil.

The newspaper will decompose with the weather and insects, so once it’s laid down, watch it do the work.

Step 3: Edge The Bed

After a few months, you’ll have a great bed to plant your flowers in. You can install any irrigation systems you’d like at this point.

If you’d like, edge your bed with any decorative material you’d like. It’s all up to you, and if the bed is on the bigger side, you can lay out paths before you plant, too!


Happy Gardening!