Reheating These 5 Foods Causes Serious Damage To Your Health


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I usually cook one portion at a time. Partially because I eat way too much in one sitting, so one portion for me is 4 for most normal people, and partially because I just don’t eat leftovers.

Every once in a while, though, I end up cooking too much. When that happens, I throw some food in a tupperware container and get ready to eat it again the next day.


Unless it’s one of these 7 foods. Microwaving them or storing them incorrectly (or both), can actually end up poisoning the human body.

Now before you freak out, these won’t kill you if you accidentally reheat them, but it’s definitely bad for your health. Some of them are carcinogenic, though, so stay away!


Spinach is arguably one of the most nutritious foods you can eat. If you can, eat it as soon it’s cooked, or cold, because reheating releases nitrates into the body that can become carcinogenic.

Every time you reheat, it becomes more and more toxic. Just eat this fresh. No reheating!


Arguably, mushrooms are some of the most dangerous foods to mishandle. These babies are incredibly vulnerable to microorganisms, and it can hurt your stomach to eat them reheated.


Reheating eggs can be really bad on your digestive system, not to mention they become rubbery and chewy as soon as they’re reheated. I’d just stay away if I were you.

Celery & Carrots

Much like spinach, carrots and celery can quickly become an issue for your body if they’re reheated too much. It’s always best to eat these as soon as they’re cooked to avoid carcinogens.


Proteins in the chicken begin to deteriorate as they’re reheated a second time, opening the door for digestive problems. If you reheat it, only reheat once. Any more than that, and it won’t be pretty.


Are there any foods I forgot? What would you never reheat?