Need To Decorate On A Budget? Make This Mosaic Wall Art For Free


Sunny Lin / YouTube


Wall art can get expensive. No matter where you shop or what you’re looking for, you’ll usually have to spend at least $15 to get a decent piece of art for your wall. But what if you could get the wall art you want for free?

If you go to your local home improvement store, there will usually be huge walls full of paint chip samples. These samples are free, and come in a massive variety of colors. If you’ve got access to those, some scissors, a piece of paper and some glue, you can make wall art out of it!


I found a super cute YouTube tutorial of how to make a paint chip mosaic apple from Sunny Lin. She buys a frame from the dollar store, but other than that, everything she makes is free!

First, get your paint chips. If you’d like it to be all one color, go for it, but I recommend grabbing multiple shades of the same color to give whatever design you have some dimension. Then, draw a rough outline of your design on a piece of paper.

Cut up your paint chips into whatever shape you’d like to work with. Sunny uses triangles, but it’s really up to you– you can make squares, hexagons, circles, whatever your heart desires.

To give the apple some depth, she arranges these triangles in a gradient from darkest to lightest shade of red. Then she uses paint chips in brown and green to cut out the shapes of a stem and a leaf.

Once everything is arranged in a way she likes, she starts gluing everything down to keep it in place. She lets it dry, then sticks it in her frame, and that’s it, she’s done!

What designs and color combos are you going to work with? Let us know in the comments and share this with your friends! Maybe you can make a craft day out of it.