Need An Easy, Free Quilt Pattern To Work With? You Just Found It


Craftsy / YouTube


I was on the hunt for a new pattern to work with, preferably free, and I hit the jackpot.

Angela Walters with The Midnight Quilting Show does it again with this easy carpenter star quilt. Not only can you get this quilt done in a flash. but there’s a free pattern that you can find here.


Making the blocks couldn’t be any easier. You’ll need some background fabric and some patterned fabric. The squares are made out of 2 diagonal triangles sewn together into a square. Often, it’s one background triangle and one pattern triangle.

Once you sew together those triangles and have your blocks, you can arrange them. The center is four points that go inward to form a star. The outside is a larger star that encases the inner star.

I love how the blocks look when they’re all arranged, but they look even better once you quilt it. Add your batting, backing, and borders. Her borders are made of strips of her patterned fabric.

Once all of those things are added, you can quilt it. Angela details 2 different free motion stitches that are great for this quilt’s floral pattern– “Turn In Early,” & “Up All Night.” Along with the instructions in the video below, the quilting diagram can be found here.

This quilt is gorgeous and so much fun to make. I might take Angela’s cue and start quilting some Christmas presents early this year, and a few of these will definitely be gifted.

Watch Angela’s video below to learn more about making this quilt, then give it a try yourself!