DIY Halloween Decor Teleports You Into Your Favorite Animated Movies


Amanda Rodden / YouTube, Movie Poster Image Art / Getty Images


I’ve a fan of movie directors with a unique approach, especially when it comes to animated films.

From Tim Burton (directed The Corpse Bride, Frankenweenie) to Henry Selick (directed The Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline), there’s so much spooky animation to love!


That’s why when I found these movie-inspired Halloween ideas, I nearly screamed from excitement. YouTuber Amanda Rodden lists 4 different DIY ideas that are perfect for any spooky movie fan!

The Nightmare Before Christmas Potion Bottles

For these, you’ll just need some glass bottles, some paint, and some labels that match Dr. Finkelstein’s (you can find those on Amanda’s blog post by clicking here.)

Paint your bottles in necessary, then add your labels on with some mod podge, painting the whole bottle with mod podge to match texture. Once it dries, you’re done!

Creepy Pumpkin Paintings

Now these don’t necessarily match up to any specific movie, but they do mimic Tim Burton’s stylistic approach quite a bit. Amanda makes 3 different options. All 3 first involve painting the pumpkin.

For the first pumpkin, she paints it white, then paints black stripes vertically down the pumpkin. For the second, she uses a black marker to write across the entirety of it, and for the third, she drips crayons.

The third approach can also be used for a blood drip effect, but all 3 are super cool!

Mini Topiary

Based on what this item actually is, I’d like to think this was inspired by Coraline. If you haven’t seen this creepy masterpiece, check it out, and you’ll know what scene I’m talking about.

Making this is super easy. You’ll need some moss, some sort of flat stand (she uses a candle,) a figure of choice, some hot glue, and some paint.

Paint your figure green and glue on some moss. Then paint your stand (Amanda does this with black and white stripes,) and then glue your figure on top. That’s it, you’re done!

Tentacle Pot

This one could easily fit into both a Tim Burton or a Henry Selick movie. All you’ll need is a pot, a piece of cardboard bigger than the pot, paint, moss, and oven bake clay.

First, use your clay to sculpt your tentacles and bake them. Then, you’ll want to paint them. Amanda keeps up with the theme by painting the tentacle shapes with black and white stripes.

Cut a piece of cardboard the size of your pot’s opening and glue it to the pot. You can paint these if you’d like.

Once dry, glue your tentacles to your cardboard. Then, add your moss, and you’re done!

What’s your favorite animated Halloween movie?