Mouth-Watering Tropical Fruit Slush Is Ready In Under 5 Minutes


Tipsy Bartender / YouTube


Tropical Drinks Of Your Dreams

Tipsy Bartender / YouTube

During a hot summer day, there’s nothing better than a delicious frozen cocktail. When the sun is beaming on high, I especially love tropical cocktails.


The Tipsy Bartender on YouTube is back at it again with a delicious cocktail recipe, this time for a tropical fruit slush. Sounds amazing, right?

With this combo of frozen fruit and tropical alcohol, there’s really nothing more perfect for sitting poolside. If you wanna give making this yourself a try, let’s start by grabbing your ingredients.

To make this deliciousness, you will need the following: 

  • frozen peach pieces
  • frozen pineapple chunks
  • coconut rum
  • pineapple vodka
  • peach schnapps
    garnish: pineapple wedge/cherry

Now on to making this deliciousness. It couldn’t be any easier. In a blender, combine your frozen peaches, frozen pineapple, coconut rum, pineapple vodka, and peach schnapps.

Pulse until smooth and slushy. Pour the mixture into a glass and garnish with pineapple and cherry. Then that’s it, you’re done!

Other tropical fruits such as banana and kiwi also taste delicious in this drink, so feel free to experiment! Regardless of what you add or remove, the point is for it to be tropical, so have fun with it.

Enjoy this by the pool or have some with friends at a bonfire. No matter what you decide to put in it or where you decide to drink it, enjoy, and have a safe and happy summer.

Please drink responsibly!