Modern Twist On Classic Log Cabin Gives All The Beauty With Half The Work


SewVeryEasy / YouTube


A log cabin quilt is one of the most classic designs in quilting. It looks beautiful no matter what fabric you use, and I think it’s a staple for any quilter to know.

Though gorgeous, a log cabin quilt is often time consuming as well. There’s a way to get a modernized version of this quilt with half the work… literally.


Make a half log cabin quilt! Laura Coia from SewVeryEasy is back at it with a modern tutorial on how to accomplish this.

What you’ll need is 9 fabrics at 1/3 of a yard each, as well as 2 other fabrics: one at 3 yards (Laura recommends a bright pattern,) and one at one yard (preferably a bright color).

With the 9 fabrics, you’re going to make 5 widths of fabric at 2″. With the bright color, cut 36 squares at 2.5″ inches each. The leftover will be used as a border.

From your strips you made from the 9 fabrics, you’ll need 6 pieces at varying lengths: a 3.5″, a 5″, a 6.5″, an 8″, a 9.5″, and an 11.5″.

Lay out your strips together according to length. Border them around the bright colored square as Laura shows in the video below.

Once you finish that portion of the block, the other half of the block will simply be a half triangle of the 3 yard fabric.

Watch Laura complete this quilt in the video below and give it a try yourself!