Mesmerizing Mandala Quilt Celebrates Spring Blooms In The Easiest Way


Man Sewing / YouTube


Spring Flowers

For me, nothing screams “spring” more than flowers. Whether it’s a poppy field or a rose bush, a lily pad or a lotus, blooming flowers represent positive new beginnings, just like the season that accompanies the blooms.


No matter what the weather is like outside, I am always quilting. So even though spring and summer are the warmer seasons, I use those seasons as an opportunity to quilt!

It’s no surprise that I’ve been quilting a lot of florals. Whether I grab some floral fabric and make some common blocks or I create an artistic floral piece out of solids, they both celebrate spring beautifully.

Rob Appell from Man Sewing is an expert at making these mural-like art pieces, so I found a gorgeous floral piece to work on this spring that I’m sure you’ll love just as much as I do.

How To Make It

This beautiful quilt is surprisingly simple to make, and the finished product is absolutely stunning. Rob makes the entire process super simple by including a free printable, too!

Once you print out the printable, you can use it to create the petals needed for the final mandala.¬†You’ll layer these cut petals of different sizes on top of one another.

Now you’ve laid everything out that you need to make the quilt top, you can grab a thread that’s a few shades darker than your petals and get to stitching, just like Rob shows below!

Once that’s sewn, add your batting, your backing, your border(s) and any free motion you may like, and you’re done! What could be an easier spring quilt than that?

Happy Quilting!