Mesmerizing Bargello Quilt Will Take Your Breath Away


Missouri Star Quilt Company / YouTube


Lately, I’ve been quilting a lot of simplistic blocks, and frankly, I’m getting a bit tired of it. Not that I don’t love creating quick blocks, but sometimes I like to challenge myself a bit.


The Bargello quilt is a bit more challenging, but it’s not so technical that it’s impossible for novices to do. It involves sewing together a ton of strips in varying lengths and widths.

Once you sew those things together, the arrangement is what will really bring this quilt to life. It makes a sort of pixelated wave, which from afar looks stunning.

It take a bit of time to construct, but it’s not something that will take you way too long to create. It’s a tedious process but beyond worth it. The challenge isn’t the skill needed– it’s the patience.¬†

You’ll sew together all of your strips into a larger strip, sew those strips together after arranging, and you’re done with your quilt top!

Then, you’ll want to add your border. Jenny’s matches the contrasting fabric in her quilt top, so there’s a cohesiveness to it that really brings the whole thing together.

Watch Jenny Doan¬†from Missouri Star Quilt Company create this mesmerizing quilt in the tutorial below, then give it a shot yourself. Once you finish it, it’s super rewarding to hold it in your hands!

What fabrics will you use for yours?