Mason Jar Lids Can Make Mini Pies


Ken Haedrich / YouTube


A Pie Lover’s Dream

No matter what time of year it is, I can’t get enough pie. During the fall and winter, I can’t get enough of pumpkin and apple. During spring and summer, it’s peach and blueberry.


Regardless of what type of pie you’re into, there’s a way to make it into adorable individual servings that people are guaranteed to love. That method? Using mason jar lids to bake them in!

That’s right, mason jar lids are your new best friend. They make the perfect miniature pan for some little pies! So grab your mason jars and let’s get cooking.

Mason Jar Lids’ Secret Power

Mason jars are used for all sorts of different crafts. It seems like every corner of the internet has something dedicated to mason jars.

This was one corner of the internet I feel like I was lucky to find. Ken Haedrich on YouTube shows us how to use mason jar lids as the perfect pie dish.

If you’re in the mood for a little bit more filling for a super deep dish pie, click here to learn how to make your pie in an actual mason jar.

The lid pie is more my style, so let’s get started on making one of those, shall we? 

Making The Pie

Start by making your crust. You can use whatever recipe you’d like for this, but in my opinion, the butterier, the better.

Place a small amount of this crust on the bottom of the lid, and press upwards to create a crust bowl. Now, make your filling of choice. Fill the jar lid with it, then top with another piece of crust.

Poke some holes to vent, then let it bake just like it’s shown in the video below. It’s easy! Let the pies cool, then serve them up. I guarantee you’re gonna love ’em.