Making These Owl Oven Mitts Will Be The Easiest Thing You Do Today


ArtsAndCrafts4you / YouTube


Oven mitts are a necessity for any household. Instead of buying some plain ones from the store, give your kitchen some personality and make your own!

These little owl mitts are super easy to make and they couldn’t be any cuter. They’re just as functional as they are adorable– keeping burns at bay.


In addition to your own kitchen, these make the perfect housewarming gift. It’s a great use for your left over fabric scraps, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you finish these!

Just when you thought these couldn’t get any better, ArtsAndCrafts4you on YouTube throws in a free pattern for this owl mitt. You can get that here. Could it be any easier?

The tutorial below will lay this all out for you. You’ll end up making a ton of them just like I did. My mom has some, my best friend has some, and of course, I have about 5 pairs of these.

This project is so much fun and I can’t wait to see how you all change it up to fit your personal taste!

What colors will you use?


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