Make Your Empty Wall Shine With This Sunset-Inspired DIY Wall Art


SharonBeMakinStuff / YouTube


Ombre is so in right now. Whether it’s hair, clothes, or decorations, I see it everywhere.

If you’re into this trend and want to add some of it to your space, YouTube channel SharonBeMakinStuff has the perfect solution.


This ombre painting doesn’t take much to make: 5 colors of paint, some water, a plate, a paint brush, a pencil, and a canvas.

If you want to seal the project, you can get some mod podge or some clear spray paint. All together, the supplies will cost you under $20.

To create the ombre, paint the canvas with a thin coat of water.

Then, squirt on each color and blend it out, blending it into the previous color as desired. She suggests squirting the paint slightly on top of the previous color for easier overlap.

Once you have your ombre effect, let the paint dry completely. Then place the plate in the center of your canvas and trace, leaving some blank spaces in between.

Use a different color paint to paint vines and polka dots, then fill in the center with the quote of your choice. Sharon uses a pencil to draw on the quote first.

Seal the painting with mod podge, then it’s done!  The finished art looks so cool hanging on my wall, and it was so easy! I can’t wait to make more.

Wanna see how she makes this awesome wall art? Check out Sharon’s tutorial below!