Make This Adorable Mason Jar Lamp In Just 3 Steps


Angie Holden / YouTube


If I could use a mason jar for everything, I probably would. They have so many uses: gift wrap, storage, cooking supplies, decor and more.

I never would have thought to take a mason jar and make a lamp out of it, but that’s exactly what Kelly Barlow did!


Shabby chic decor looks awesome in any home, and this lamp is no different.

The distressed look of the mason jar really completes my bedside table! The lamp I had there before just didn’t fit my room like this one does.

Believe it or not, this lamp is really easy to make. Grab a mason jar and cut two holes in it: one on the lid for the socket, and one near the bottom of the jar for the cord to go through.

Then you can decorate your jar any way you’d like. Kelly distresses her jar.

If you don’t know how to make a distressed-looking mason jar, start by painting it with two coats of black paint. Be sure to wait between each coat so the paint can dry.

Once it’s dry, paint it with a couple of coats of your paint color of choice. Use a fine-grain sandpaper to distress the jar, and it’s ready for your lamp!

You can buy a lamp kit at most hardware stores and super stores. Pull the cord through the holes in your jar, then follow your kit’s wiring instructions to get the lamp up and running!

If you want to see how this DIY is done, watch the tutorial below and get to making your own!