Make The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Meal With One Simple Hack


Coop Can Cook / YouTube


Time To Eat

If you’re braving the crowds for a Valentine’s Day dinner, I commend you. I, on the other hand, will not be doing that. Instead, I decided to make a steak dinner from scratch.


I know, it’s so much easier to go to a restaurant and have them make it for you, but there’s something so romantic about making dinner for the one you love. Plus, you can fit it to your taste!

I found this dinner tutorial from Coop Can Cook on YouTube, and I knew that not only would I use it, but I’d put a little country spin on it. The dinner itself is great as is, but I love adding my own twist!

What You’ll Need

Coop uses rib eye steak for this meal, and cooks it well done. Obviously, you should serve it however you see fit. I recommend medium rare for ultimate juiciness.

After searing, cook it in garlic and rosemary butter, basting and flipping constantly. This is the ultimate hack to cook steak.

Along with her steak, Coop Can Cook served some red skin mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli. These obviously are great options, but there are a ton of others that would be great with this.

Macaroni and cheese would be great if neither of you have issues with dairy, and it’s great and rich alongside some steak. You can choose another green as well and it would go great with this.

I also highly recommend corn bread with this dish. I know it sounds crazy, but instead of plain dinner rolls, bake your corn bread in a heart shaped mold! So much better than regular bread, amirite?

I also may be careful with the garlic in this recipe. If you both don’t eat the same amount of garlic, there could be some breath problems when you go in for a kiss.

Decorating the table is everything: add some candles, some rose petals, some Malbec wine, and whatever else you see fit… and do NOT forget to make a dessert!

Watch Coop Can Cook‘s video below and give this deliciousness a try this Valentine’s Day!