Make Summery Fruit Bowls From Scratch In 5 Easy Steps


makoccino / YouTube


Redecorating for the seasons is exciting. I always love finding new ideas to spruce up my living room and kitchen a little bit as seasons change.

More than anything, I use my season sprucing as a chance to make some more DIY decor. For summer,  like to add some bright colors and fun knick knacks to my space, and these bowls fit the bill.


These little guys are perfect for any coffee table or kitchen. There are a ton of options, from citrus fruits to watermelons and apples and more. They’re too cute and super versatile.

Making them is really easy. All you’ll need is:

  • Air dry clay
  • A glass or metal bowl for mould
  • A rolling pin
  • Something to cut with (exacto knife, etc.)
  • Acrylic paint in whatever colors you need for your design
  • Paint brushes in different sizes
  • A pencil (for optional texture)
  • A ball of aluminum foil (for optional texture)

First, roll out the clay until you get the thickness you’d like. Then cut out a circle of that rolled out clay with your cutter, and make it about the size of the opening of your bowl.

Place the circle on the outside of your bowl, pressing it down and all around lightly. If you’d like to add texture, use the tip of a pencil to lightly tap indents into the surface. Do the same with the foil ball.

Let it dry for 12 hours (or half the recommended dry time,) and remove gently from the mould.

Let it dry for the remainder of the dry time, then you can paint it however you’d like. Use a pencil to sketch your design on the inside, then paint!

Once everything’s all dry, you’ve got the cutest bowl ever!

What fruit are you going to make?