Make A DIY Wood Pallet Bed Frame With No Screws, Nails, Or Tools


Johannes89 / YouTube


Let’s be honest: bed frames are incredibly expensive. I got mine secondhand and it still was over $250. I got super lucky with my purchase, but I found out it could have been even cheaper if I had used this super simple hack.

There are multiple ways to use wood pallets to build a bed frame. From a simple box spring to one with legs and a headboard and everything in between, this hack is absolutely genius.


All you need are wood pallets, which you can usually get 100% free by asking for them from places with large shipments– think superstores or grocery stores.

Gather as many as you’d like. There are a ton of versions of a pallet bed that you can create, so depending on what kind of bed you’d like, you can take your pallets and use them to make all sorts of bed frames.

The easiest version is simply to lay out your pallets on top of one another to create almost a box spring. No nails, no screws, no tools… easy!

Then we move on to the more advanced pallet beds that have a headboard, legs and more. This one does require the tools, but it’s so impressive that it’s totally worth it.

If you already have some tools, then this DIY is also 100% free. Considering how expensive bed frames are, this version is a steal. 

Watch the video down below by Johannes89 to learn more about the advanced bed frame project. Then, start saving your money by building it. Good luck!