Make A Crop Top Out Of Old Pants In 2 Minutes


ItsMyRayeRaye / YouTube


Crop tops are everywhere right now. They look super cute with almost anything, can dress up or dress down any outfit, and make everyone look adorable.

With summer coming up, I knew I wanted to add a few more crop tops to my collection, and I love making my own clothes, so I looked up how to make a crop top and found this!


ItsMyRayeRaye has a tutorial on how to turn some old tights (or leggings or jeggings– just as long as they’re stretchy,) into adorable crop tops.

This might be the easiest DIY ever. Seriously. It takes 2 minutes if you decide not to sew anything in place.

All you need to do is cut off the feet (if there are feet,) then cut a V-shape into the crotch of the pants.

For shorter sleeves, cut more of the legs off. The smaller the V you cut in the crotch, the higher the neckline will be.

If you’d like to secure it in place, you can fold the fabric under and sew it in place, but this isn’t necessary.

That’s it, you’re done!

Watch ItsMyRayeRaye make some crop tops in the video below, and turn those old leggings into the fashions you want this summer!