Magical Rainbow Bath Bomb Is Wizardry In Your Tub


*Old Mom, New Tricks* / YouTube


I saw a bath bomb online that looked like a rainbow emerging from a cloud, and I freaked out. I needed it, and I needed it now.

Versions of this bath bomb are available from multiple companies, including Body BonBon and BellaGrace Bath Co. 


Now obviously I know that you may not get the exact same results from a DIY version of this as you would from one of these companies, but that wasn’t going to stop me from trying.

I knew I would need two molds for this project: a cloud, and a small rectangle that could easily fit inside the cloud.

I followed a basic bath bomb recipe from the video below, and added some extra soap colorant in order to make the rainbow really pop.

You’ll need 1 part corn starch, 2 parts baking soda, 1 part epsom or dead sea salt (I crushed this to make the crystals very fine), and 1 part citric acid, or you can make half of this cream of tartar for extra fizz.

For the wet ingredients, you’ll want to add whatever scent you’d like (10-20 drops,) and a few tablespoons (2-3) of a carrier oil, like coconut.

You’ll want to make sure this is mixed thoroughly and clumps when squished together, then you’ll want to separate it for your soap colorant.

Separate most of it for the cloud, or the white (you can add milk powder for white color if you’d like, or just leave it plain,) and the rest into 5 equal parts.

Dye each of these heavily with soap colorant in red, yellow, green, blue, and purple. You can obviously add orange too, if you want.

Pack your cloud mold, then squish in the rectangle mold, making sure there’s cloud bordering the entirety of the mold. Add your colors one by one to the rectangle mold.

Once dry, carefully take out the rectangle mold, take the bath bomb out, and place it back into the cloud, adding any white bath bomb mix to seal it in.

That’s it!

Obviously a bit more complicated than just buying one, but I had a lot of fun doing it, and it’s pretty similar to the one you can buy!

What’s your favorite bath bomb of all time?