Machine Quilting A Scalloped Border Is Actually Beyond Easy


Natalia Bonner / YouTube


There’s nothing like a beautifully quilted border on a finished quilt. Whether it’s traditionally stitched or a bit more modern, I always marvel at how amazing quilters are for creating those even designs.

If you’re like me, you know how difficult it can be to create a perfect border, especially when it comes to free handing. That’s why there’s an easy solution for creating a scalloped border that I want to show you!


YouTuber Natalia Bonner shows quilting a scalloped edge can be incredibly simple: all you need is a ruler! This ruler has curved edges as well as straight edges to make a perfectly even border as you go.

It’s really as simple as moving your machine in a curved motion to create the little “feathers” within the scalloped edge. Natalia uses a long arm machine to accomplish this, but a regular machine works too.

As you work along the scallop, use a quilting ruler like this one to make it easier on you. In no time, you’ll have a perfectly even set of scallops that form a gorgeous border!

Watch Natalia’s tutorial below and give this technique a shot yourself. You won’t believe how easy it truly is!


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