Lovely Cactus Wreath Quilt Is Just As Easy To Make As It Is Stunning


Jordan Fabrics / YouTube


Cactus Wreath

Have you ever seen a quilt so uniquely stunning, you just knew you had to start making it that day? I recently found that quilt, and it’s called the Cactus Wreath.


I love this quilt because it reminds me of the stunning Native American designs you’d find in Arizona and New Mexico. This quilt’s stunning geometric design could catch anyone’s eye.

The colors remind me a lot of the spring and summer, too, making it a great project for this time of year. Contrary to what you’d think by looking at it, it’s easy to make, too!

The Jordan Fabrics team is back at it again, showing off this gorgeous quilt and how to make it. To get started, you’ll first want to get ahold of the pattern by clicking here.

With that in mind, let’s get started!

Making The Wreath

Believe it or not, making the blocks for this quilt is a super simple process. Everything you need is in a simple strip. Some blocks will be plain strips, and some others will form a flower-like pattern.

The flower-like blocks will be made with strips from the corners inward. They’re cut at an angle as well, which truly adds to the flower appeal. 

If you like where this quilt is headed, watch Donna go through the steps in the video tutorial below.

Happy Quilting!