Line That Old Jean Jacket With Sherpa To Keep You Warm All Season Long


withwendy / YouTube


The cold weather is here, and that means it’s time to bundle up. That’s why sometimes I find it’s hard to look stylish during cold weather. Most of the time I end up looking like a marshmallow.


Then I found this tutorial by withwendy on YouTube. It teaches you how to line a regular denim jacket with some thick sherpa fabric to keep you warm and toasty while still looking put together!

All you’ll need besides your basic sewing materials (needle, thread, something to cut with, something to trace with, etc.) is a denim jacket and some sherpa fabric!

Wendy sewed sherpa into the front, back, and collar, leaving out the arms, but if you have a bigger jean jacket you can definitely sew some sherpa on the arms as well.

The point of this upgrade is to keep you warm, so do whatever your heart desires!

You’ll need to keep in mind that a lot of sherpa fabric has a thick backing that you may want to remove. These backings inhibit flexibility and make sewing a bit harder.

Regardless of how you decide to sew your sherpa-lined jacket, I guarantee you’re gonna love it.

Watch withwendy‘s tutorial down below and give it a shot yourself!