“Layer It Up” Quilt Block Is Simple & Stunning


Fons & Porter / YouTube


Layered Quilt

One of the coolest blocks I’ve ever seen also happens to be one of the easiest to make. It’s a layered quilt block that has a stunning finished look.


If you’ve got some strips of background fabric and some varying squares of printed fabrics, then you can create these adorable finished blocks.

Colleen Towkey from Fons & Porter stitches up this easy number in one of her quilting tutorials. Once you see how this is done, you’re going to be obsessed with this quilt. I made a huge one!

Along with your background, you’ll need at least one printed fabric, but for maximum impact, you’ll want 5 different prints per block.

Make It Unique

To give my quilt even more spice, I made two different blocks, using a total of 10 different patterned fabrics. You could also alternate background fabrics for even more of a pop!

Regardless of what you decide to do fabric wise, the execution is the same. You’ll use some strips of background fabric to create a step-like pattern across each side.

In between those step-like strips are the layered squares of print fabric. Place them on top of each other from the outside inwards, and eventually, you’ll get your final layered portion.

Now, stitch this together with the strips, and your block is done. Add a ton of these babies together and you have a finished quilt top. With some borders, some batting, and a backing, your quilt is done!

Watch the Fons & Porter video tutorial below to get started on making your own, then get to quilting. Good luck and have fun!