Jack & Coke Chicken Thighs Recipe


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The Ultimate Barbecue

Some good barbecue can get anyone in a good mood. It’s delicious, good with any side dish, and just as filling as it is satisfying… especially when it’s this!


These barbecue chicken thighs are so much more delicious than any plain barbecue. Why, you ask? Well, it’s flavored like Jack & Coke! 

If you love the flavors of whiskey and Coca Cola as much as I do, then you will adore this twist on a barbecue classic. Just trust me on this: it’s way too delicious not to try.

I’m guessing you want to try it, and I don’t blame you. To get started, gather the following ingredients:

Let’s Get Cookin’

This concoction of ingredients truly makes the chicken moist and delicious, tasting like Jack & Coke and working perfectly with any southern meal.

Once you try this delicious sauce, you’ll try it on everything: ribs, brisket, steak, and more. There’s nothing this barbecue sauce doesn’t taste great on.

As for making these incredible chicken thighs, you can watch Macolm of HowToBBQRight to get started. It’s one of the most delicious recipes you’ll ever try, guaranteed.